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Actress Traumatised By Past Life Experience

Actress Traumatised By Past Life Experience

I was reading an article about how actress Surbhi Jyoti had been traumatised after seeing a hypnotherapist for a past life session. Whilst not wanting to comment on the specifics of the article, indeed there were very few specifics mentioned, I wanted to take an opportunity to discuss the idea of going to a hypnotherapist for past life work.

Now there are many opinions as to whether past lives exist or not. I do not intend to debate the merits of the arguements in this piece. What I do want to say is that if they do exist, these should not be messed about with as a parlour trick.

Whether real or not, these session can elicit some very powerful emotions and issues for people and it is essential that the practitioner who is undertaking this type of session is competent in dealing with what may come from it. This would be expected in any intervention so why not expect it in a past life session. The unconscious mind does not differentiate between fact and fantasy so whether past lives are real or not, if the client believes them to be real one must work with them at this level.

The story of this actress goes to underline the importance of not playing with the psyche of the individual. By all means consult a professional if there are issues that need to be looked at, but do not consult one out of curiosity about what past life you might have had.

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