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Activism as Opposed to Militancy and Extremism

Activism as Opposed to Militancy and Extremism

Today’s title may provoke a bit of debate. With all the various on and off line groups taking up causes from Brexit to Women’s Equality I have noticed that what starts with a well needed debate becomes more about extreme position being taken by both sides in the debate. Extreme views have can have very serious implications where mental health is concerned. I touched on this recently when I spoke about our new post-truth world. People who feel passionate about a cause often are the ones who change the perceived point of view which ultimately is the thing necessary for positive progress.

However, it can lead to bullying and intimidation against those who chose to hold a different view. Brexit is in my mind a great example. There its a large vocal group that feel that everything should be halted and that those who think differently are only interested in themselves. Now, whatever your belief is, the facts are one side won the referendum and one didn’t. I don’t think people were fully informed and therefore there is justification in having felt they were somehow cheated. The question was certainly a stark yes no question. If we are to be a civilised democratic and mentally healthy society we must remember the more extreme you come in your views the less likely the person will have anytime for anyone else. Its not good for us as a people where emotion trumps intellect. We need to remember we are still all equals whatever your “position” may be. Let’s all become a little more respectful of this fact.

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