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Acousticophobia Fear of Sound or Noise

Acousticophobia Fear of Sound or Noise

When considering what direction to take my blog entries, it occurred to me that I have worked with a plethora of different and interesting phobias over the past 30+ years. Whilst it would not be appropriate or ethical to speak of specific cases, it might prove interesting to discuss the issues in general terms. Today’s phobia is Acousticophobia Fear of Sound or Noise.

It is said that humans are born instinctively with two fears, one is the fear of falling, and the other is the fear of loud noises. When this becomes more acute one can be considered to be suffering with Acousticophobia. By definition Acousticophobia is a fear of sound or noise. This can manifest itself in disturbed sleep, finding any and all noise a distraction, even finding the sounds of a partner’s sleeping or eating excruciating.

CBT has been used to assist people to overcome this issue, however, I have also utilised hypnosis as a means of mental rehearsal to help overcome the fear. Additionally, hypnotic regression can be employed to take a client back to the initial sensitising event and then to take whatever lessons are needed in order to release the fear and move on to a more productive life. To some this issue can sound trivial, but for those who suffer with it I assure you it is a most unpleasant experience.

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