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Accept Lessons When They Are Offered

Accept Lessons When They Are Offered

One of the things that I have learned being a psychotherapist for all these years is this, “always accept lessons when they are offered”. Despite my experience and training, it too me a very long time to get an understanding of.

Let’s take yesterday as an example. There was a major outage at the internet service provider which hosts my websites. Now, I have always been very protective about my websites ever since my first one went live in 1995. In the past, I would have gone ballistic and been agitated all day (which was as long as the issue continued).

A concept I often discuss with my clients is the notion that there is little milage in worrying or stressing about things that you have no control over. By alleviating oneself from the things outside of your control, you give yourself the time, space and energy to deal with the things that you do have control over. More important than even that is the idea that by doing so, you feel and are empowered to take control of your responses to the outside world. This gives options, where in the past it might have been difficult to see that options exist. Empower yourself, and let go of the things that you have no control over and accept lessons when they are presented.

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