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A Six Day Hypnotherapy Diploma I think NOT

A Six Day Hypnotherapy Diploma I think NOT

In my inbox the other morning I received a mailing from a training company that I have never heard of, with a trainer I never heard of selling me a six day diploma course in hypnotherapy. Well, regular readers of my musings will probably guess what my response was. For those in doubt, I think programmes like this are a disgrace and should not be condoned by any legitimate practitioner or trainer.

Look, I have been involved in the training of hypnotherapists since 1993. My Masters Degree in Education Studies (in 1996-98) focused on the development of hypnotherapy training post 1971. I also received my Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory Education) in part based on the hypnotherapy training course I wrote in the late 1990’s. So when I say what I am about to say, please believe me when I say that I am qualified to make this assessment. You cannot train a competent and ethical hypnotherapist in six days!

Part of my exception to this course is that it has the temerity of calling itself a Diploma course. The recognised number of hours for a legitimate diploma in hypnotherapy is 450 hours. The National College’s Certificate in Hypno-Psychotherapy is that long with it’s diploma being 580 hours with it’s advanced diploma being 1800 hours in total. I point this out because there is no sin in being well trained. And whilst number of hours alone do not guarantee a successful graduate, it helps along with curricula, trainer’s experience, and accrediting bodies.

It is time for trainers to step up and be educators or step aside, as this kind of quickie training is a disgrace to the entire profession.

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