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A Reason To Be Grateful

A Reason To Be Grateful

Sorry for the delay in today’s offering it has been a travel day for me. After our annual conference I always take a week off for self care and this is what I want to focus on today. All too often we feel pressured rightly or wrongly to keep going even when we are tired and over worked. Goodness knows in my first few years of practice a holiday seemed like pointless self indulgence.

However, as I have gotten older and wiser I began to understand that it was incongruent for me to suggest clients embrace self care when I do not do that myself. So I take these breaks, Malta this year to not only soak up the people and place, but also to be a better therapist to my clients.

If a therapist does not take it easy from time to time, he or she will become less and less effective. I am grateful to a profession which has allowed me to travel the world both professionally and personally. I am also grateful to the clients who teach me so much every day. Take time to be thankful you will be glad you did.

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