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A person who does not change their mind changes nothing

A person who does not change their mind changes nothing

I have arrived in Havana which gives one a feeling of stepping back in time to a completely different reality to what we experience in the UK. I had been wondering what to blog about whilst I am away. The answer came on the plane. I watched Darkest Hour which is of course the story of the early days of the Second World War focusing on a boyhood hero of mine Winston Churchill. Then I remembered that Sir Winston was a regular visitor to Cuba so I thought I would take some of his many quotes and make them into blogs which will hopefully serve as motivational, as that is a particular area of interest for me.

So for today’s offering. The above quote really means something to me. Many of us are taught to stick to what we think and to hold onto it for as long as possible. Whilst in some areas of life that is not a bad thing to do, in other aspects it means that we never move on and we never learn. We all have core beliefs about ourselves, but if we do not challenge them and at times change them, we are doomed to becoming irrelevant and not being a force for change. Many of us in the therapeutic community need to know this about ourselves particularly. If all e ever do is what we were taught and never challenge or change it, we are unlikely to make any real difference in our clients lives or issues. So don’t be afraid to change your mind, it is a healthy and necessary thing to do at times.

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