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A New Way to Lose Weight Hypnosis

A New Way to Lose Weight Hypnosis

Yes you might well wonder about today’s title, but it was part of the title of an article I came across today when looking for what to write about. The fact that anyone, any journalist regarding health, could claim that hypnosis is a new way to lose weight is grossly misinformed. For generations hypnosis has been used as a method to help people to lose weight. What was worse was some of the images used in the article. They show in the article a woman placed in full body catalepsy (a practice which is dangerous and not encouraged by any legitimate hypnotherapy association school or practitioner) with a man staring down at her with a pendulum. The worst of the cliches of hypnosis.

If I were new to hypnosis, I would have taken a look at that and say this is not for me it is too spooky. Also the article links CBT to hypnosis. Whilst hypnosis can be used in a CBT protocol, pretty much any other psychotherapeutic modality can be employed. To me linking CBT to hypnosis was lazy as the author possibly thought that people will have heard of CBT which would make the article more psychologically legitimate. What would have done that was to talk to the experts and not use cliche images in my opinion.

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