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A New Programme

A New Programme

I am very excited today to be teaching a new programme for the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Having been a psychotherapist since 1994, one thing I have noticed when talking with some of my colleagues. This is an interest in the hypnosis part of my practice. Very often psychotherapists from other modalities would like to add hypnosis to their clinical work, but there was not a programme available to them except to undertake a full diploma training.

That has now changed, the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy has recognised the need for a bridging programme for qualified psychotherapists and counsellors to add hypnosis to their practice. Today, we launch a Certificate in Hypnosis (CH(NC)) for qualified psychotherapists and counsellors. This is a 4 weekend programme designed to give psychotherapists and counsellors the essential skills to incorporate hypnosis into their clinical practice.

This course is not about qualifying these practitioners as hypnotherapists, it is about adding a valuable therapeutic skills to an already varied therapeutic tool box. Hypnosis in and of itself is not therapy, hypnosis when combined with psychotherapy and counselling approaches is a very powerful aid in assisting clients to reach their goals faster and more effectively than without it.

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