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A Need For Dialogue

A Need For Dialogue

Having spoken at the James Braid Society this week, I got to thinking about the future of the profession. One of the things that I enjoy about the James Braid Society is that people from different schools and organisations along with attendees with decades of experience and only a few months experience, a real mix of views and experiences.

There is always a lively discussion and debate about the issues confronting hypnotherapy and the hypnotherapy profession. It occurs to me that this is the sort of thing that needs to happen more often and in more places. The profession needs ideas and those ideas can come from a variety of sources and a variety of experiences.

We have a wealth of talent in this field, but it is often under used and that is a great shame. Not everyone wants to sit on a committee or teach, but that should not mean that the voices of the profession do not get heard. I believe that if we tap into the pool of talent in the profession we can revive the enthusiasm that seems to be missing in the field at the moment. A sense of camaraderie is needed for the profession to move forward. Let us take that idea forward as individual practitioners to effect the growth of our field.

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