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A Minister for Suicide Prevention

A Minister for Suicide Prevention

In what I believe to be a major step for the government’s mental health strategy, it was announced today that Jackie Doyle-Price has been appointed a Health Minister with responsibility for suicide prevention. This announcement coincides with today being World Mental Health Day. I and others have been critical about successive governments when it comes to how seriously mental health is taken. I believe this to be a very good step forward in the government making mental health a top agenda item when it comes to the health of the nation.

Suicide is on the decrease, but it is something that still impacts far too many people. Suicide is often misunderstood and stigmatised. Like other mental health issues, it has for far too long been whispered about, with innuendo and misinformation being more the rule. This rather than looking at the facts of what leads to suicide and effective interventions which can assist in avoiding this all too permanent decision. Therapy and therapist have their part to play, but in reality this is a situation where everyone in a suicidal person’s life can take an active role in assisting to circumvent this decision. Will it work for everyone, no. But if we all try to do more regarding suicide prevention, there will be more lives saved, and that must be a good thing.

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