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A Metaphor for Change

A Metaphor for Change

Human beings by and by tend to be creatures of extremes. Often times where change is decide on we have a tendency to revolt rather than evolve. Sometimes this is the right thing to do especially if that which is being changed is so dysfuntional that noting of the old can be salvaged. However,  change can also be about keeping the positive about the old and replacing the negatives with somtething more helpful to enhance the positive of the old. I have seen no better a metaphor for this than the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The wedding at Windsor could not be denied as being in one of the most historical reminders of tradition and regality. However, from the guests to the lesson to the music, one could not deny that these changes did nothing but enhance the experience. In other words, the old was not dismmissed but made relevant and more enjoyable adding these new touches. It Is quit possible to improve on something without destroying what is good about the past.

Be prepared to change without being fearful about all the things of the past which helped shape you. This is the only way to keep balanced.

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