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A Loss of Direction

A Loss of Direction

Something I have been noticing more and more with my clients. Though the vast majority attend therapy with a specific goal or goals in mind. More and more as we work begin to come to the realisation that they are actually feeling a significant loss of direction.

Now these clients are n0t the type you would expect. By which I mean, these are clients who rather than have nothing going on are actually highly successful in their personal and professional lives. However, despite this, the feeling of loss of direction is profound and real.

To me this does not sound a surpsising as it could be. In truth, I think sociologically we are going through a bit of an existential crisis. For many 30 and 40somethings the lives that they had been sold have not come to fruition.

Indeed, many people who feel as though they have done “the right thing” in terms of university, job and family, do not feel happy or fulfilled as they would expect to. Therapy is an excellent opportunity and place for a person to take a look at their lives and ask the questions that they need to ask as far as what will bring a person fulfilment and happiness. Perhaps if we all collectively did this more often, we would all be happier in life.

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