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A Happy 2018 To You All

A Happy 2018 To You All

I have been privileged to do every day the job I love. I enjoy helping people to reach their potential as well as assisting them to overcome a plethora of emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties. At the dawn of 2018, I hope that you all realise that this is a chance to live your life as you would ideally like to. This is the time to look at life and say, here is what I am happy with and what I would like to enhance. It is also the opportunity to look at the things in life we are not happy with and say, not this year, I no longer want to hold on to these negative and unhelpful behaviours and/or beliefs.

Now it matters little in the great scheme of things as to whether you make these changes on your own or with the support of therapy. In reality, the first most important step in any change, is to decide to make the change and admit to yourself that change is needed and desired.

So on this first day of 2018, make a commitment to yourself in order to make the changes to your life that will be the difference that makes the difference in your future.

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