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A Follow Up To Misleading Advertising in Hypnotherapy

A Follow Up To Misleading Advertising in Hypnotherapy

Well, as in the past when I have written on subjects like this a few folk decided to contact me directly. In the main, the comments were positive, but as to be expected there were a handful of people telling me off and to mind my business.

I explained that this is exactly what I am doing, minding my business. When a practitioner in any part of the country misleads potential clients about their qualifications or experience it has a knock on effect on everyone else. Hypnotherapy has for years been working very hard to garner a professional, ethical appearance. These issues do not help it,

Frankly, I am sad that I am the one writing about it. This is the job of the professional bodies to keep their members in line. Sadly it seems to me that the are often more interested in retaining membership fees than acting in the interests of the public and profession. Please encourage your professional body to do its job, then maybe articles like mine will no longer be necessary. Goodness knows, I want to stop writing them, but I won’t until the profession grasps this nettle.

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