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A Fake Psychiatrist Implications for All Therapists

A Fake Psychiatrist Implications for All Therapists

I noticed in the news today a story about a person who had be practising as a psychiatrist for over 20 years in the UK. The only problem is that she lied about her qualifications and was practising illegally. The person in question was not caught because of this, she was caught for trying to defraud a patient suffering with dementia by altering her will. Now, the General Medical Council says that there are more rigorous procedures when it comes to overseas, qualified medics, but I could not help wonder what the implications are for therapists outside of the General Medical Council.

I, myself, have found a number of “therapists” who claim qualifications that they do not have or memberships of organisations which they are not a part of. Whilst there is no one organisation in the UK that overseas therapists in the same way that the General Medical Council oversees doctors, there is a way to make sure that your therapist is properly qualified…..CHECK. As a potential client, make sure that the claims made by a potential therapist is correct, do your homework contact the organisations that the practitioner claims membership of. See if the school where they trained actually exists or not and if so did the practitioner do their qualification there. I believe that the UK is one of the most liberal places for a a practitioner to work. Let’s keep it that way by making sure that our practitioners are qualified to offer the services that they offer.

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