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A Course In Understanding

A Course In Understanding

This weekend I will be teaching one of the new courses that we introduced to the National College since becoming Principal. This is a certificate course for qualified psychotherapists and counsellors in the use of hypnosis. As I have said on many occasions that there is a misunderstanding about hypnosis with the general public. However, there is also misunderstandings within the greater psychotherapy profession regarding hypnosis and it’s clinical applications.

I believe that courses like this give therapists an additional skill set which they can incorporate into their current practice. Additionally, these therapists also are able to disseminate information to colleagues within their own modalities which may help to redress some of the misunderstandings related to hypnosis and it’s use therapeutically.

For many years, I have been working to help people to get a better understanding about what hypnosis is, but perhaps even more importantly what it is not. I appreciate that People have a certain expectation about what hypnosis is able to do. Sadly, very often these expectations are based more on fantasy than reality. As a clinican and educator in this field, I believe that it is my responsibility to ensure that hypnosis is seen for what it is. This is without fanfare or fuss, just an excellent tool to help people with psychological, emotional and sometimes physical issues.

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