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A Counsellor is Not The Same as a Hypnotherapist

A Counsellor is Not The Same as a Hypnotherapist

There seems to be a penchant at the moment for hypnotherapists’ using title which they do not have the qualifications for. The most common title is Psychotherapist which I have written about on other occasions. However, it now appears that there are more and more hypnotherapists calling themselves counsellors.

I cannot emphasise enough that a hypnotherapist is not a counsellor and visa versa. I cannot understand why hypnotherapists get up an arms about people calling themselves hypnotherapists without the appropriate training. However, they do not bat an eye when they see hypnotherapists calling themselves counsellors.

It is essential to remember that a counsellor in the UK undertake far more training than the vast majority of hypnotherapists. Counsellors also have an own therapy requirement as well as a supervised clinical practice requirement before they receive their Diploma in Counselling. Counselling is a noble profession and one to be respected, it is not one for hypnotherapists to plunder to make themselves sound more qualified than they are. It is unethical and deceptive to the public. If you are not happy with the title hypnotherapist, then you have two options. The first is to get other training and qualifications. The other is to make the hypnotherapy profession something that you can be proud of. Get involved, don’t leave it to others. If the profession matters to you help to guide it.

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