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A Chance to do A Bucket List Item

A Chance to do A Bucket List Item

Something I often say to clients is to no pass up the chances to do the things you have always wanted to. These are commonly referred to as bucket list items. I believe in practising what I preach, so tomorrow morning I am off to Cuba for ten days.

I have always wanted to soak up the Cuban culture and to eaxperince the place and the people. It will be a challenge, especially as I am not sure how my internet connection will be. So if for some reason there is not another instalment for a while, that is the reason lack of internet access.

I have travelled to many countries in my career, do date 25. Working as a hypno-psychotherapist has been very good to me, I have enjoyed learning about different places and cultures. I have always used these experiences to inform my clinical work.

Those of us who work therapeutically should always be prepared to be educated. This education can make us so much better at what we do as clinicians. Every experience we have in life should make us better people so I strongly urge you to embrace your bucket list and do these things and live for the moment.

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