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Does Psychotherapy Effect The Brain

Does Psychotherapy Effect The Brain

It is a common question to ask, does psychotherapy effect the brain? For many people the notion of psychotherapy being nothing more than a chat needs the be challenged. This is not to say that there is therapeutic value in having a conversation. The notion of having contact is very useful.

In research published in the Journal of Psychiatry Research, a meta study on psychotherapy showed distinct brain changes caused by psychotherapeutic interventions. Seventeen individual psychotherapy longitudinal studies measuring neural function and metabolism which included 200 people looking at emotional imagery. In this severe depression sufferers who did not take medication were given psychotherapy treatment. In before and after brain scans showed that the brain abnormalities associated with their condition were modulated.

This, in my view, validates my various writings that people who practise psychotherapy should be properly trained and qualified to offer their services. This is especially relevant in the idea that is psychotherapy has physiological implications. I get the idea that there are many well meaning under qualified people offering psychotherapy, but for ethics sake it is time to look to change this situation.

When consulting a psychotherapist, be sure he or she keeps up to date with the current research findings in the field.

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