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70000 Thoughts A Day

70000 Thoughts a Day

That’s right dear reader, the human mind has on average 70000 thoughts a day. This is a considerable amount of thoughts needless to say these thoughts have a very major impact on the way we see the world and how we interact with the people in the world.

We often hear people talk about “Getting Real” well reality is not as straightforward as some people believe it to be. What is reality and what is perception are separated with a very thin line. Perception is based on our thoughts just as reality is. There is a need, however, to know what the difference is between what is perception and what is factual.

Considering the fact we have so many thoughts, it is important that we have some level of control of them. Whilst thoughts can be self perpetuating many thoughts are created by ourselves for one reason or another. Sadly, some of these thoughts are less than constructive and can cause us undo damage. Of course one must also consider, that having recurring negative thoughts seldom give us the peace of mind so many of us crave. So as you consider that you have so many thoughts to have today, why not make them positive empowering thoughts rather than negative repetitive ones.

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