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20% of Children Referred to Mental Health Services Denied Treatment

20% of Children Referred to Mental Health Services Denied Treatment

As an adult psychotherapist, it may seem odd that I would choose to write on the above findings from the NSPCC. It is quite logical, however, as these finding have a major impact on the nation’s mental health the mental health of children is different to that of adults and if left unchecked, these children will take their issues well into adulthood. Sadly, due to their poor experiences with the various mental health agencies that currently exist, it may well be that these sufferers choose not to engage in any therapy in adulthood, which will lead to a poorer quality of life for them as adults.

It appears that the reason for the majority of rejections is that the child in question does not meet the clinical threshold to receive help from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. If this is indeed the case, I suggest that it is the threshold that needs to be looked at with urgency. It cannot be right in a civilised society to leave some of our most vulnerable citizens to suffer the horrors of abuse, eating disorders, schizophrenia and bipolar without the necessary assistance.

Sadly, because some of the parents are so desperate for help, they will consult therapists in the private sector who are woefully under qualified to deal with such conditions let alone to deal with these issues in children. It is time for the profession, to push to hold our politicians to account for their promises when it comes to mental health, not only for adults, but perhaps even more so for children.

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