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20 Million Inactive in the UK

20 Million Inactive in the UK

This is the startling statistic which has come out of the British Heart Foundation. This stagnation is as dangerous as smoking. Inactivity has been traced to heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Interestingly women are 36% more likely to be considered physically inactive. This is a genuine public health crisis, but it is something that we all have some control over.

I constantly get hypnotherapy clients who want to lose weight, but the difficulty is that they really do not want to make changes to their lifestyle. This is not helped by the proliferation of “modern techniques” like the hypnotic gastric band, which are often considered to be easy ways to lose weight.

Physical activity is required for successful weight management. It is management what is required, as weight loss is a temporary state which in the end will not be maintained without a change in lifestyle. I book I recommend to my clients as well as other professionals is Being Active: A Guide for Hypnotherapy Weight Control Clients written by my friend and colleague Fiona Biddle. This book stresses the importance of physical activity when it comes to weight management. I strongly urge anyone looking for weight management to ensure that the therapist you seek will look at and work on your levels of activity, or sadly I believe you will not get the results you want and may well be throwing good money after bad at the issue.

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