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1100 and Going Strong

1100 and Going Strong

Today is the 1100th blog posting I have done, it amazes me that I could come up with 1100 things to talk about. I hope that some of you managed to find some use with some of my musings. I know that some of my posts have caused a bit of discomfort, some, so I have been told, moved people others were just my random thoughts on the day in question.

As you know I am hosting my 18th conference today so I write this with a distinct sense of hope and optimisim. As I write this, one of our latest graduates are doing a fantastic presentation on Tourette’s Syndrome. People like her represents the future of our profession.

For any field to grow, it needs young fresh ideas and these come from younger practitioners. I would love to see more mid 20’s practitioners in our field who keep our profession fresh and exciting. It has been my great pleasure to help many people begin their careers.

As a final thought, I have found new motivation to write more recently. Thanks to this change in my life it has allowed me to tap into an inner creativity which I hope to express more in my daily musings. I hope you will enjoy them.

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