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Client Information

The keys to successful therapy

There has been a lot of research conducted to discover what makes therapy work and consistently the findings show that the key factor is the relationship that develops between therapist and client. The other most important thing is that the therapist adapts to the client’s characteristics, culture and preferences.

My commitment to you

All relationships are based on trust, and the therapeutic relationship is no different so I will always do my best to understand you and your issues without making any presumptions. Everyone is different and you are entitled to be you and to hold your views about the world. If I struggle to understand, I will ask. I will not judge you. This doesn’t mean that I condone “bad” behaviour, but it does mean that I will presume good intent. I will also be honest so that you will always know where you stand with me.

What you can talk about

It is common for clients to be worried about disclosing information, wondering if it is safe to do so. Some therapists ask lots of questions but I feel that is too intrusive so I offer you this list of some things (and there are others) which clients may have experienced and which can be discussed.

Requirements for disclosure

Having given examples of all the things that you can discuss with me, it’s important that you know that the law may forbid our normal confidentiality in the following circumstances:

Other than as required by law, I will routinely discuss your case with my supervisor (in order to ensure that you get the best service), my supervisor will have access to your details if I am suddenly unavailable (to contact you and offer you ongoing care) and I may talk or write to your GP (but I will not give any personal details beyond what you are working on).

Also note that I reserve the right to record sessions where it is deemed appropriate

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