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Training with the National College may be undertaken on a part-time basis by combining weekend attendance for practical tuition and lectures at one of the tuition venues, together with a programme of home study, the ideal method for students with domestic and/or work commitments.

Each weekend consists of some eleven hours of practical instruction in the application of therapeutic techniques, combined with lectures on the various theories involved. Starting at 10.00am each day and finishing at 5pm, gives approximately 210 hours of class contact for the whole three stages of the training up to Diploma level.

The total number of study hours required to complete the course varies depending on what prior knowledge a student brings to the course. However, monitoring of past students’ study patterns suggests that for a student with little prior knowledge of hypnosis, psychotherapy or psychology, total study hours up to UKCP registration level may amount to 1,800 hours over a four year period. This total includes class contact and supported self-study, supervision and self-therapy but does not include the time spent on written examinations.